Sony Walkman B100 - Bye Bye ATRAC

Sony is learning the media player industry, slowly. There is rumor that Sony is going to start making media player that allow user to transfer music files without Sony's SonicStage that convert music files to ATRAC format. The B100 will be the first Sony's Walkman that allows direct transfers with drag-n-drop.

However by abandoning ATRAC, Sony is shooting itself in regards of Sony's Connect online store. The Sony Connect is not selling non-ATRAC files yet. The B100 line will support MP3, unprotected WMA, and maybe AAC.

Rumor has it that FM tuner and built-in recording capabilities will be included in the player. The player will sports capacity from 1GB to 4GB and should be announce by Sony next month.

Sony to Release B100 Series Drag and Drop Walkman [via atraclife]