Sony VAIO TZ11 - marked as greenest notebook on the market by GreenPeace

It is apparently due to the fact that it's the only notebook on the market to be completely devoid of Beryllium and its compounds. It also has PVC-free internal cabling, BFR-Free main board, and a mercury-free LED backlit LCD display.

There were three main categories by which 37 notebooks from 14 companies were evaluated. The first is the absence of hazardous chemical substances, energy efficiency, and overall product lifecycle (which is basically how easy it is to upgrade and/or recycle).

The winner was Sony's TZ11 with runs Vista, has a Centrino Duo processor from Intel running at 1.06GHz, and a bunch of other mediocre components with a battery life of about 7 hours by my math. So, apparently the key is to make a computer that, performance wise, sucks, but make the battery life really long and leave out that damned Beryllium, clearly this notebook wasn't really graded on the that third spec as the lifecycle will get exponentially shorter the new the software you try and load on it, especially considering the 1.06GHz processor barely meets the recommended system requirements to run Windows Vista, which is a 1GHz processor. I'm not hating on Sony, I'd love to have one of these notebooks, I just don't like GreenPeace, and it's not for their efforts for a greener earth, it's for their seemingly ever political agenda.

[via GreenPeace]