Sony unveils tiny 0.7-inch display with 720p resolution

In the DSLR world, we often get optical viewfinders that actually look through the lens to see what you are shooting. In the micro four thirds and similar range of cameras, you don't get an optical viewfinder; instead, you get a little LCD in the viewfinder window if you get a viewfinder at all. Many just use Live View on the rear LCD.

Sony has a new tiny screen that will be used inside some of its cameras like the NEX series and possibly inside DSLR cameras. The tiny little OLED screen is only 0.7-inches wide and is called the ECX322A. The coolest part about the screen is the serious resolution it offers with 1280 x 720 allowing the viewfinder to offer 720p HD resolution.

The little screen offers 87% of the NSTC color gamut and has a 0.01ms response time and 200 cd/m2 brightness. The new display uses the same OLED and color filter architecture that Sony has been using in the older and lower res half-inch XGA ECX331A display already in its DSLR and NEX line.

[via OLED-info]