Sony unveils sky blue/marine blue PSP value pack

Just when I thought, the Sony PSP was dead and gone, the electronics giant pulls out a new PSP value pack. This new value pack is interesting because it's a new two-tone version in sky blue and marine blue. The backside is a darker blue; the buttons are darker blue while the face is a light blue. This isn't the first two-tone PSP Sony has offered in Japan, there have been black and red, white and blue, and red and black versions in the past.

The special colored version will be offered in limited quantities starting this Thursday and will sell for ¥17,800. Sony says that this version uses colors to remind users of blue sky and sea. The bundle includes a memory stick Pro duo 2 GB card, body colored pouch, and the battery. The special mobile doesn't include any games.

This particular PSP bundle pack carries part number PSPJ-30027. There is no indication that this bundle will be offered outside of Japan. I wonder when we will see the last of the PSPs now that the Vita is on the market. I guess that might happen when the Vita starts selling in bigger numbers.