Sony unveils line-up of Smart Blu-ray players, offers integrated Wi-Fi and TV SideView

Following in line with the upcoming X9000A 4k LED TVs Sony announced earlier today, the company is also rolling out four new Smart Blu-ray players: the S1100, the S3100, the S4100, and the S5100. All four players feature angled, sharp designs embodying a host of features, including integrated Wi-Fi and support for TV SideView, which allows users to control the devices via the TV SideView app.

The four new Blu-ray players are each designed with flat, angular planes to match the other products in Sony's Sense of Quartz style, which has also been implemented into the line of Bravia TVs the company plans to launch in April and July of this year. While the S1100 and S4100 models are black, the S3100 and S5100 both have a slight teal overtone. Likewise, each player has subtle design differences that set it apart from the others.

DVDs will be upscaled to full HD resolution for better image quality, while Blu-ray discs played on the Smart players via a Bravia TV with TRILUMINOS Display support will have richer colors than on an equivalent TV without the support. This is due to the rendering of hard-to-reproduce colors, giving images more clarity and a richer palate of hues. Likewise, there won't be any long loading periods with the inclusion of Quick Start Loading.

Select models will offer integrated Wi-Fi, offering Smart TV-like functionality by enabling access to online services and content. Says Sony, the wireless in these models trumps that of previous models, providing more stable, stronger access to streaming services. Subscribers will be able to access the Sony Entertainment Network for on-demand video content, as well as music and radio. Both Netflix and LOVEFiLM are supported. In addition, the Wi-Fi-enabled models have Web browsing functionality.

The four new players are set to begin rolling out next month.