Sony to launch new eReaders next month? [Updated]

Sony has been in the eReader market for longer than many of the companies that sell readers today. The rub for Sony is that its eReaders are not as popular as some of the new offerings on the market like the Nook and Kindle. Sony is looking to ramp sales of its eReaders up and to do that it will reportedly be pushing out a pair of new eReaders as early as August.

Reports claim that the eReader will have two versions and that pricing will run the gamut from $180 to $300. The device will also have new hardware and software updates according to sources. Both of the new readers will have WiFi and there is no mention of 3G connectivity for either. The tablets will reportedly land ahead of both the new tablets Sony will be launching.

There has been lots of talk about the Sony S1 and S2 Android tablets lately and they are expected to land later this year. The real question will be what features the eReaders have. With Amazon dropping the price of its Kindle 3G with offers yesterday down to $139 Sony had better bring something very impressive to market.

Update: Sony has been in touch with a comment, and the company is denying that there are any new slates in the pipeline for imminent launch:

"It is true that Sony is committed to the Reader category and believes there is a market for both tablets and dedicated e-readers. And, since we have historically released new Readers every year since our initial launch, it is reasonable to assume we will do so again this year. However, the details about a new Sony Reader included in this article are inaccurate. We have not released any pricing, timing or features of a new Sony Reader. When we do have Sony Reader news, we will share all the details with you"

[via Best-ereaders]