Sony to develop 24.81 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS Sensor

Daniel Lim - Jan 30, 2008

Sony announces the development of a full frame 24.81 Effective Mega pixel CMOS sensor today at Japan. The newly developed CMOS image sensor uses Sony’s Column-Parallel A/D Conversion to reduce image degradation, noise and increase dynamic range with a high speed conversion rate of 6.3 fps. This posts quite a challenge to Canon’s 21.1 MP Full frame sensor.

We know this puppy is definitely going in one of them Sony’s Alpha DSLR, perhaps we’ll finally get to see the announcement of pixel rating in A900 later this year at Photokina. The question is will they sell it to Nikon ? A 25mp full frame D3x would spell trouble for Canon, besides, the legendary vaporware D3x would finally use its break.

[via sony]

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