Sony thinks iPad will boost PSP sales

I have said before that I never cared for mobile or portable gaming on smartphones or game consoles until I started using the iPhone and realized you could actually get decent graphics and cool games on a mobile platform. I have a couple PSPs and a Nintendo DS in the house and I still prefer to play on my iPhone if the mobile gaming urge hits.

One of the things that I find very appealing about the iPad is that I can play my favorite iPhone games on the thing and get a larger image. I am sure that there are many mobile gaming fans out there who are excited by the same thought. Joystiq reports that Sony's John Koller was asked how the company is reacting to the iPad.

Koller actually said (with a straight face apparently) that Sony is expecting the iPad to boost PSP sales. Everyone with me now — muhahahahahahaha. Koller went on to say that Apple getting into the mobile gaming market has been a net positive for Sony because when users want a better and deeper gaming experience they start playing on the PSP. Koller has put such a spin on the iPad release that I am a bit dizzy just writing about it.