Sony teases an Xperia with greater focus, not a greater Xperia

It's IFA time soon, and naturally, almost anyone and everyone in the tech industry are ready to make a splash. Including Sony. But if you were perhaps hoping for some redeeming smartphone, it might be time to rein in those expectations. Sony's UK Twitter account just teased something for its pre-IFA 2015 event, hinting at a smarpthone with a better focus, presumably a better camera. It is, however, sadly silent on whether we can also expect a better Xperia smartphone to go along with that.

Camera sensors is one of Sony's chief businesses, aside from display panels for TVs and smartphones and its current champion, the PlayStation console. Naturally, it would be playing to its strengths. But if DxOMark's latest tally is to be take into account, Sony might have actually fallen by the wayside as far as its smartphone cameras go. Once the king of that hill, there has been very little movement to speak of.

To that extent, it is not surprising to see Sony trying to redeem its name in that regard. It is, after all, almost shameful if Motorola, not a name known in photography, outranks your flagship. To be fair, though, many of these smartphones actually house a Sony IMX sensor inside. But perhaps that makes the situation worse if Sony's own smartphone isn't part of the in crowd.

While acceptable, the camera is just one of Sony's problems when it comes to smartphones. Its flagship Z line is in dire need of a substantial refresh, both in features and in design. Recent leaks, however, don't inspire much confidence in that happening for the Xperia Z5.

Guess Sony faithful might have to live with the same design for now. At least they might have a better camera. But hopefully one that won't force close on them too fast because of overheating.

SOURCE: @Sony Xperia GB