Sony Slim PlayStation 3 Could See 250GB Upgrade As Early As Next Month

Who's tired of official announcements? Well, we're not, but let's shake some things up with a bit of a leak, what do you say? Well, not so much a leak, as a rumor. A rumor from a mole. So you know just about how far you can take this: as long as your imagination goes. Either way, if the competition has anything to say about it, then a 250GB PS3 Slim doesn't seem all that impossible.

From a "reliable source", the 250GB PS3 Slim will be unveiled some time next month, as the Spanish portion of Eurogamer was told. We should apparently be expecting a 350 Euros price tag, or $509 here in the States. That's quite a jump in price, but for the additional storage, there's no doubt that people will pick it up. In addition, at least in Spain (as there probably wouldn't be much need for it here on our shores), the 250GB PS3 Slim will be bundled with Fifa 10 and be sold exclusively through gaming retailer Game.

Of course, there's nothing official from any kind of source as of yet, and Sony has refused to comment. But it's not like October is all that far away, right? Though, we would like some feedback regarding the price, against the expanded memory. Considering Sony fought a hard battle to keep the high price tags on their consoles before recently dropping them, do you think you'll pay more money all over again, to have more space? Or is the console war perfectly placed right now, at that $299 mark

[via Register Hardware]