Sony: Keeping SIXAXIS Rumble Would Be a “Disservice”

Benjamin Nied - Oct 5, 2006

Yeah, you read that correctly, proving once again that every time you think Sony can’t make themselves look any dumber, they prove you wrong. Case in point: Kaz Hirai, president of SCEA, recently commented on Sony’s new “SIXAXIS” controller, which everyone has lamented due to a general lack of force-feedback technology. He stated that the decision to remove the rumble was a conscious decision, and that keeping the rumble feature would have been a “disservice” to their users. Keeping in mind that both the Wii and the Xbox 306 have force-feedback technology, this begs the obvious question: “Huh?”

According to Mr. Hirai:

“…the vibration feature, which is a feedback feature, as compared to the motion sensing which is an input functionality…we decided that the input device is a lot more important that feedback.”

Hirai goes on to state that they could have kept the rumble feature, but that the cost would be so high as to be a unfair to its users. Kaz, the damn thing costs $499 already. How much higher do you honestly think you could have gone with this thing?!

[via GamePro]

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