Sony Rolly gets remote control in U.S.

We already know the Sony Rolly speakers got a remote control. That's old news. However, it was only to be available in Japan. But now, U.S. Rolly users can rejoice. Now, you too can get your hands on a remote for your Rolly.

Since the end of last year, Japanese Rolly owners could control their speakers by means of a Bluetooth remote control, but now the Rolly Remote is coming to the U.S. A software and firmware update is required to allow users to utilize the Rolly Remote and connect the speaker to a PC wirelessly.

Up to seven Rollys can be used on a single remote at a time, which could make for some seriously impressive dancing speakers. If you're into that sort of thing, that is. Both the firmware and Rolly Remote software are available for download now. 

[via Sony Insider]