Sony Reon Pocket 2 wearable air conditioner gets some fashion sense

In 2019, Sony's internal crowdfunding program gave birth to the first and still only wearable air conditioning system in the world. Looking more like a flattened computer mouse than a mini air conditioner, the Reon Pocket seems to have enjoyed some amount of fame and success because Sony is now coming out with a version 2. Simply called the Reon Pocket 2, the device offers significant new upgrades, including the ability to be worn with your choice of clothes or, if Sony is to be asked, one of the shirts from a new line of fashionable clothes made especially with the Reon Pocket 2 in mind.

The Reon Pocket doesn't exactly blow cold air inside your shirt. Instead, it employs the Peltier effect to generate the sensation of coldness by absorbing heat or vice versa. It utilizes electronics and different materials to create that effect and those are exactly what's being upgraded in the Reon Pocket 2.

For the second version, Sony switched from silicon to stainless steel for the cooling surface, as the metal reportedly transfers lower temperatures better to the skin. The internal circuitry has also been improved to absorb more heat to better create that cooling effect. It now also offers minor dust and water resistance, enough to be used for golf.

That application is actually one of the main points of the upgrade and Sony has even partnered with golf apparel makers to come up with exclusive shirts for the Reon Pocket 2. Just like with the first device, these shirts have pockets on the back for the device.

That said, Sony is also offering a $14 neckband accessory so that you can use the Reon Pocket 2 with the shirt of your choice. The device itself costs almost $140 but, just like its predecessor, it is available only in Japan.