Sony releases backwards compatibility tool for PS3

If you have purchased one of the new 80GB PlayStation 3 consoles, you may have noticed that backwards-compatibility isn't exactly up to snuff. This is because they decided to take out the Emotion Engine to save on costs (though they don't appear to pass that savings onto the consumer), but you already knew that. What you don't know is which games will work and which one's won't.

Sony has just released a tool that will inform you of which titles will work with your specific PS3. This doesn't just work for the 80GB model, you can select which version you have and search for a specific title to find if it works or not.

While I am still disappointed in Sony for removing the hardware emulator from the console, it's good of them to at least provide us with some means of tracking which games we can play. Otherwise you'll just stick in a game and prey that it works the whole way through.

Sony launches backwards compatibility tool for 80GB PlayStation 3 hardware [via opposablethumbs]