Sony reiterates commitment to PS3 through 2015

A lot of people think that the next PlayStation and the next Xbox are right around the corner. You likely already know that if you keep up with video game news, but so far, two major players have been silent on the next generation: Microsoft and Sony. Despite the absurd number of rumors, both companies have maintained that they're focused on their current generation consoles for now, and in a recent interview with GameSpot, Sony reiterated its intention of supporting the PS3 for the next few years.

"A lot of great content is coming," said PlayStation VP of hardware and marketing John Kollar. "And over the next 2-3 years, the PS3 has got an incredible lineup." When he was asked if that means Sony will continue to support the PS3 for the next three years, Kollar replied with "Absolutely." He went on to say that Sony will continue to support the PS3 as long as there are developers that are interested in making games for the console.

Sony has done the exact same thing with the PlayStation 2, which was incredibly popular for the first few years of the PS3's life cycle and isn't quite dead yet. The PS2 still occasionally gets new games to this day, so it makes sense that Sony is hoping for a repeat with the PlayStation 3. It isn't any surprise that Microsoft wants the Xbox 360 to be the next PS2 as well, offering consumers more than just a box to play games and making similar commitments to supporting the console.

When Sony and Microsoft reiterate these commitments, as both have done time and time again, consumers sometimes take those statements as indications that the next PlayStation and Xbox aren't arriving until 2015 or later. That probably won't be the case, as the ideal situation for Sony and Microsoft would be to offer their next generation consoles alongside current gen machines, instead of as replacements for current generation hardware. In other words, even though Sony is committed to supporting the PS3 through 2015, the PS4 might still be coming up soon. Stay tuned.