Sony Reader PRS-T1 hacked for more Android access

For a long time one of the more popular cheap Android devices for hackers to get hands on was the Nook Touch. That little Android reader was hacked to open it up for use surfing the web and more. I think that hacking it and other devices like it will be not such a popular thing to do with the Kindle Fire coming. If you own a Sony Reader PRS-T1 that runs Android inside this hack might appeal to you.

We don't know exactly how this was pulled off, but someone has been able to coax the PRS-T1 into running more Android apps. The E-Ink screen certainly lacks the cool factor of color screen devices when it comes to apps. Apparently, the hacker that created this hack is not ready to release it to the public. There are still a bunch of apps that don't work.

For instance game apps like the ever-popular Angry Birds will not run. However, a bunch of other reader apps will run like CoolReader, FBReader, ReLaunch, AWD.Launcher, and Android Terminal. The hack is in the early stages and presumably will be offered to the public once it is done. You can see the hacked reader running below.

[via The-digital-reader]