Sony PSP outsells DS for the first time in Japan thanks to Crisis Core

It's no secret that the Nintendo DS has been kicking ass and taking names over in Japan. It naturally comes as a great shock to hear that the PSP outsold it last week in Japan.

The PSP hasn't exactly been doing the greatest anywhere in the world. So what could spawn such a huge interest all of the sudden? Only a game as great as Final Fantasy VII could bring on such a turn-around. No, Sqare Enix hasn't ported the original to the PSP, however, they have released a new game in the same universe called Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

Those keeping track at home would likely note that the Nintendo DS has been the best-selling console in Japan for some time now. This would set the PSP on high as the number one console in Japan this week. How long will it last? It's hard to say. I wouldn't expect it to sit on top for very long, but thanks to this one game, Sony will likely see higher sales for quite some time. When will the game hit the US? Sometime next year.

Sony PSP Vaults Past Nintendo DS in Japan [via pcworld]