Sony PSP Go not dead after all

The Sony PSP Go was something that many people were excited about when it was first announced. The portable was the first new offering from Sony in a long time and early on the reports had the machine able to download existing games that PSP owners had to play on the Go that lacked any media drive or any sort. The reality when the PSP Go landed was that you could not play any games you already had and people stayed away in droves. Even the retailers were mad at Sony because there were no secondary software sales they could cash in on.

A couple days ago, we reported that the PSP Go had been killed off. We weren't surprised; we had already asked the question if anyone was surprised the Go failed. Sony has now come back and said that while it may not be carried in Japan and Europe any more the PSP Go will still be offered in America. SCEA told Joystiq "We are continuing production of PSP Go for North America." I have to wonder if what SCEA really means is that it is continuing production in America until it runs out of components.

Joystiq also notes that Sony told it a few weeks back that it would continue the PSP Go shipments only to have the Go product page on Amazon turn up later with the note that the manufacturer discontinued the Go. I still don't see this thing selling well ,and in all the time since it has been available I have never once seen anyone using them in the wild in all my travels while I see lots of iPhone, iPod touch, DS and normal PSPs around and being used.

[via Joystiq]