Sony PS3 grabs content IDs when connected to Vita

Apparently when you connect your PlayStation Vita to your PS3, the PS3 will automatically locate and store all the content IDs from your PlayStation Network account. This, surmises the hacker who made this discovery, means that it's possible for Sony to invalidate content on your systems regardless of where you acquired it.

According to the hacker, who goes by the handle Hellcat, when users transfer between the two systems using Content Manager and choose to transfer "Applications (PSP/Other) downloaded to the PS3 system" to a Vita, the device will download a list from the PSN servers and do a quick check against an apparent "blocked app" list. If it happens to find a match, then any offending apps can be invalidated.

As Hellcat demonstrates as an example: "You downloaded MotorStorm Arctic Edge in time to your PS3 and also successfully transferred it to the PS Vita and did not delete it from the PS3. If you now (that it was used for an exploit) try to transfer it again, you would not be able to. The PS Vita will not see the title." Again, this applies to the PC-based Content Manager application.

[via PS Vita Zone]