Sony PS3 getting a new 80GB system?

Judging from these tags from the FCC Sony is going to be pushing out a new 80GB model. It will feature a slightly repositioned Bluetooth module, a reverse F antenna for the same, and the 80GB HDD. The model number will remove the "A" from the original 60GB's model number of CECHA01 and will replace it with an E making it CECHE01.

With all of the downloadable content, game patches, games, music, videos and all that other crazy stuff that can wind up on your PS3's HDD it's no surprise they are outing another larger capacity system. Personally I'm just surprised that they aren't pushing out models with either easily exchangeable HDD's or storage capacities in the triple digits.

I wonder what they'll be charging for this particular system and if the Bluetooth additions/movement means new Bluetooth functionality, better range, or any other positive changes or if they just moved it for the hell of it. For now we'll just have to wonder, but it doesn't sound like much of an update or upgrade.

[via navigadget]