Sony PS3 Firmware v3.41 Restricting New Hard Drive Installation

When the PlayStation 3 gets updated, and something not-so-nice happens, it's usually something that many would consider big enough to scratch their head in confusion. This time around, with the latest release of version 3.41, which was supposed to be a minor update, it looks like folks are being told that installing a new hard drive is a no-go.

Version 3.41 was supposed to include some minor changes to the system, as well as include a "You May Like" new interface, where you would get some suggestions about other titles you may like, versus ones you have played or watched. But there's something else included in the roll-out, too. Reports are coming in that after updating their system, some users are unable to install a new hard drive. A pop-up that states, "no applicable data" will show up, and that's it. No new hard drive can be installed.

Interestingly enough, it's unclear why this would happen at all. Considering the nature of the update, we're not sure why there would be any connection between store recommendations, and the hard drive. But, it wouldn't be like Sony to lock down the hard drive installation process, especially considering it's one of the more defining features of the PS3. We'll have to wait and see if a new software update gets released to fix the situation, or if Sony comes forward to discuss the issue.

[via CVG]