Sony PS Vita May Not Ship Until January 2012?

Sony's PSP successor, which has long been dubbed the NGP for next-generation portable was finally unveiled at

E3 2011

as the

PS Vita

. It promises to bring PS3 console quality games to handheld and was slated for this fall just in time for the holiday season. However, recent reports from online pre-orders through Amazon suggest that the device may not ship until January of next year.

Several readers of


claim to have placed orders for the PS Vita on Amazon only to be notified of a January 2012 ship date. So far, rumors have pointed to a November 4th release of the PS Vita for the UK, but not much has surfaced on a U.S. release date. Destructoid is claiming a December 31 release that would suggest most shipments won't arrive until at least January 4th. A two-month difference between the UK and US release plus missing the holiday season makes the claim a bit iffy.

The PS Vita touts a 5-inch OLED touchpad screen along with a second touchpad on the back side. It will also have dual analogue sticks, six-axis motion sensor, and both a front and back camera. It will support Wi-Fi and 3G with initial carrier being AT&T. New social features called "Party" and "Near" will also be part of the package. The Wi-Fi-only model is priced at $249 while the 3G/Wi-Fi model is $299.