Sony PlayStation Vita restores PSP games pulled due to hackers

Sony has restored a pair of downloadable PSP games to the PlayStation Store after it previously pulled them because of hacking concerns. The games were blamed for having loopholes within their coding that allowed hackers to exploit the entire portable system. The issue first arose with the digital download version of the PSP game Motorstorm: Arctic Edge contained code that could be exploited by a third party when executed on the Vita.

The third party that discovered this was the website Hackers found that once the code was exploited within Motorstorm, they had free reign on the Vita to download illegal emulators or homebrew games. In addition, Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip was also found to have the same vulnerability. Both titles were yanked by Sony, but it looks like the company patched them and has put them back online.

Of course, a hacker's job is never done, and believe it or not, has discovered another downloadable PSP game that has the same security hole. This time, though, no one is saying what the game is. To prove its point, the site posted a video of the game DOOM running on a Vita, with the latest Vita firmware enabled. It seems like it is a never-ending battle for Sony to quash piracy completely.

[via DigitalTrends]