Sony PlayStation Vita firmware 1.65 incoming

Mark Raby - Apr 2, 2012
Sony PlayStation Vita firmware 1.65 incoming

Sony has just announced that it will be pushing the latest firmware for its newest handheld system any day now, bringing with it a handful of minor tweaks and improvements for system optimization. This is the first minor update for the Vita since it launched in the US last year, but of course it has received major updates in between the time it launched and Japan and when it came here to the states.

This firmware will let users switch between seeing notifications and not seeing notifications, via a new option in the Settings menu. In addition, another setting that will be added is the ability to put the device in sleep mode after 10 minutes. This option already exists for a few other time settings. And in the LiveArea, users will get a better notification of when the Vita finds new activities, via an arrow icon that will appear.

And finally, and perhaps the least functionallty relevant, the on-screen keyboard will include the addition of a Caps Lock button. Users will be able to download the firmware by directly connecting it to a Wi-Fi network, or 3G network if applicable, or by connecting the device via USB into an Internet-connected PC or PS3. As always, once the firmware is pushed out, users will not be able to access any Internet-enabled features on their Vita until they apply the update.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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