Sony PlayStation Move Could be Bundled With 500GB Console

Evan Selleck - Jun 14, 2010
Sony PlayStation Move Could be Bundled With 500GB Console

Remember when we brought you that report of the FCC filing two new PlayStation 3 models? Those seem to be taking a bit more of a firm grasp in reality, thanks to a report coming out of CVG today. According to their sources, Sony is indeed well beyond the planning stages, and they’re all set to announce two brand new PS3 models at this year’s E3.

The main draw is the inclusion of Sony’s motion-based peripherals, known as PlayStation Move, which would be bundled with the new consoles. Something else to think about, though, are the storage spaces rumored to be the core of the announcement: 250GB and 500GB capacities. Additionally, Sony’s seen fit to change up the WiFi in the home console as well. While the current generation of PS3s utilize the 802.11b/g standard, which is slower than the “newer” n standard, the newer models would incorporate the 802.11n. So, if you’ve got a wireless router with the n standard, you’ll be good to go, and should see faster, and stronger connections to your favorite PlayStation Network.

The source goes on to say that by having a “high-end” and “low-end” version of the release, where Move is still the focus of both consoles, it could “become a success by stealth.” Sure, stealth is all well and good for some folks out there, but we imagine Sony would much prefer a giant splash in the giant ocean known as the video game market. Sony’s conference at E3 is on Tuesday, so we don’t have long to wait at all before we get the final details.

[via CVG]

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