Sony PlayStation 5 games showcase may be imminent

Throughout the first half of 2020, a lot of attention has been on the Xbox Series X as Microsoft has slowly but consistently been releasing new details about the console. Sony, by comparison, has been rather quiet about the PlayStation 5 – though we've seen a GDC deep dive on the console's hardware and features from Mark Cerny and the reveal of the DualSense controller, Sony hasn't talked about PS5 games or the design of the machine itself.

That could change as early as next week, according to a new report from Bloomberg today. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier cites "people with direct knowledge of the matter," who claim that Sony may host a digital games showcase for the PS5 on June 3rd.

If that's true, it could be just the thing that Sony needs to pull the spotlight back on the PlayStation 5, though Schreier's sources also shared a couple of caveats with this news. Specifically, they say that dates may change, and also that this could be the first of a number of digital events Sony has planned for the "coming weeks and months." In other words, if we do indeed see a digital PS5 event from Sony next week, don't expect it to reveal everything that's left to reveal about the console.

Whether Sony decides to host just one event or multiple events over the summer, PlayStation adherents will likely be excited. We've heard next to nothing about the games that Sony's first-party studios and third-party partners are working on, and while hardware is indeed important, games can make or break a console in the eyes of prospective buyers.

It'll also be interesting to see if we get a look at the design of the PS5, which so far has been kept under wraps. As Schreier's sources suggest, we may not get it during next week's rumored event, but with Sony seemingly ramping up its PS5 marketing as we head into summer, here's hoping that a look at the actual console is coming soon too.