Sony Pictures movies leaked online following network hack

Following the news last week of the hacking of Sony Pictures' network by a group calling themselves "#GOP," or Guardians of Peace, DVD screener copies of several of the studio's movies have been leaked online. As was previously reported, the hackers threatened Sony with a list of unspecified demands, saying sensitive data would be released if the movie studio didn't cooperate. It appears that this could be the first of such leaks.

While Sony has yet to make any official comments about the hacking other than "investigating an IT matter," and later admitting "a system disruption," the company's network is said to have still been down as of yesterday, following the initial breach on November 24th. Additional details include that an estimated 11 terabytes of sensitive data was stolen, including not just media files, but financial records, company emails, and even passport information for the cast and crew members of films in production.

Most notable, however, was that partway through the week five Sony Pictures screener DVDs were released on torrent sites, four of which have yet to see U.S. theatrical releases. The films are To Write Love on Her Arms (March, 2015), Still Alice (Jan 16, 2015), Mr. Turner (Dec 19, 2014), Annie (Dec 19, 2014), and Fury (Oct 17, 2014).

The original Reddit thread, where the above image, said to have originated from the screens of all Sony Pictures' computers when hacking began, was first posted, continues to detail the leak of information. While not confirmed, The Verge also previously spoke to someone claiming to be a member of the hacking group, who indicated that Sony staff played some part in the attack. Whatever the truth, this incident comes as another tragic blow to Sony's reputation and network security, and there surely be more repercussions to follow.

SOURCE TorrentFreak