Sony OLED TV - its .3mm thick, that's 10 times thinner than the XEL-1

If the 11-inch XEL-1 was too thick for you at 3mm for an OLED screen, Sony has a new on up their sleeve that manages to almost be more anorexic than paper. For reference, and average sheet of paper is roughly .1mm thick, so stack three sheets together, push down on it to remove an extraneous space, and then you've got yourself the thickness of one of these displays.

The new .3mm display is the same 11-inch size as it's really, really pricey predecessor. It has a resolution of 960x540, an infinite contrast ration, and brightness provided by the display itself instead of a back light which usually causes some ugly bright patches on the screen.

Now, if they could blow that up to about 42-inches or larger, the resolution would obviously follow which would probably put it near Quad-HD resolutions and a reasonable price and I'd be happy. They haven't even named this new display, so there is no price or availability info, but its 11-inch XEL-1 brother is selling right now for $2500, so this new model, right now, would probably fetch five figures for an 11-inch model.

[via Gizmodo]