Sony not making, but losing money on every PS3 sold

Playstation 3 sales have recently been on the rise, but nevertheless, the Wall Street Journal has determined that Sony is still losing money on every PS3 unit sold, even up until now.

The WSJ reports in an analysis of Sony's 3rd quarter financial performance that the company loses 6 cents on "every dollar of PS3 hardware sales."  Therefore, gathering into account that the current PlayStation 3 sells for $299, it's probable that the electronics giant loses approximately $18 per unit.

It has been gauged by iSuppli that Sony spent $805 to make each PS3 unit upon release.  The research firm had also predicted in December that Sony lost $37 on each PS3 unit compared to the $18 lost now, so Sony may just be on course to make the Playstation 3 soon a profitable product.