Sony MHC-V7D speaker shows off sound you can see in new video

It's hard to show off just how powerful a speaker can be if you aren't there in person to hear the speaker play. Sony is trying to show off its new MHC-V7D speaker on video and to do so it has poured red, blue, and yellow paint into the speaker cone surface and then cranked the tunes. The sound pressure from the track being played, something called Hideaway, makes the paint leap off the speaker.

The paint makes for an interesting video that looks like some sort of visualization you might find from an audio player on your computer. The paint isn't the only thing used to represent sound in visual form.

Sony also covered the speaker with a Petri dish filled with vodka in one part of the track an also had sand on a plate above the speaker that dances and jumped in patterns going with the sound being played by the speaker. The coolest is the paint though.

The colors jump and dance individually, but they also mix into other colors making for a very interesting look during playback. Sony says that its MHC-V7D speakers feature gesture control and LED technology to create audio and visual effects while the music plays. The MHC-V7D speaker used in the video is available for 650 euros now.