Sony LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station is no SlingBox killer

Sure, Sony was first to market with a place-shifting television technology, but SlingBox did it better. And still do.

Even with the release of this latest piece of hardware Sony can only best the latest SlingBox Pro in a few areas. But if you already have a LocationFree based network, or you plan on adding some of the nicer bits of hardware from Sony's line to your home theater, this isn't a bad choice.

LocationFree is the only thing that can stream TV to your PSP. This model has multiple IR blasters, and doesn't require a wired connection to work, unlike SlingBox. The output signal winds up being a mere 320x240 but that's not bad all things considered. The downsides are as follows, there is only one copy of the LocationFree client software and there is no smartphone client, but you can get free copies of the client software on all new VAIO purchases.

Sony LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station [via MaximumPC]