Sony lets you unleash Minecraft anywhere

Rue Liu - Mar 20, 2012, 5:43 pm CDT
Sony lets you unleash Minecraft anywhere

Fans of the popular video game Minecraft can now unleash the pickaxing fun on any website, thanks to Sony. The company has created a bookmarklet called Minecraft Anywhere that scales down the game for the web browser and allows it to be opened on top of any website. It gives the effect of digging into a web page to reveal its layers of dirt and creepers.

The Minecraft Anywhere bookmarklet was just made available today. To get it, you’ll have to visit the Minecraft Anywhere tab on the Sony Mobile US Facebook fan page. There you’ll see a Minecraft button that you’ll have to click and drag to your web browser’s bookmark bar. From there you can simply head to any website and click on the Minecraft bookmark link to start pickaxing away at the page.

Minecraft is developed by Mojang and is one of the fastest growing game franchises, with more than 14 million registered gamers and more than 50,000 new players joining every day. The Minecraft Pocket Edition, which was first launched on the Sony XPERIA Play, has recently received an update with a much anticipated Survival Mode. It is available for download on Google Play, previously known as the Android Market.

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