Sony launches ICD-UX200 and ICD-UX300F digital voice recorders in Europe

Digital voice recorders can be used for all sorts of things form recording lectures or interviews to making voice notes for yourself. Sony has unveiled two new flash voice recorders in Europe including the ICD-UX200 and the ICD-UX300F. Both of the devices have 3-in-1 capability.

The recorders can act as MP3 players, record voice, and work as a flash drive. The storage capacity of the UX300 in LP mode is a whipping 1072 hours. Battery life is up to 15 hours in record and 83 hours of playback.

The USB connector of both of the devices has a sliding connector to protect it from damage. All voice recordings are captured as MP3 files. The UX300F has 4GB of storage built-in. Recordings can be managed using the built-in 5 line LCD. The device is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.