Sony launches bigger, cheaper PS3 in Korea

The PS3 has officially been launched in Korea. What is crazy is that for some reason Sony felt the need to give them more machine for less money.

The units sold in Korea feature an 80GB hard drive, wait a second, haven't people been complaining that Sony should release an 80GB model here in the states? Maybe they think that the Koreans wouldn't bother buying a system with a smaller hard drive. If that's the case they must just think we're too stupid to care.

If that's not bad enough, the price for one of the 80GB consoles is only around $558. So they get a bigger hard drive and pay less, thanks for that Sony. I guess you just think we're stupid Americans, we'll pay outrageous prices for anything. Well think again, your console is being outsold month after month by the competition over here. Maybe if you'd consider upgrading the hard drive and dropping the price people might buy one.

80GB PS3 launches in Korea [via joystiq]