Sony increases PS4 hard drive size to 12.5mm for 1.5 TB capacity

German tinkerer website Computer Bild has discovered that the PS4 will use a 12.5mm hard drive dock rather than the 9.5mm spec used in the PS3. This means the PS4 hard drive can be replaced with a 1.5TB SATA hard drive, with even more capacity in the future as developers improve storage densities. This and other discoveries were made when the website acquired a developer console for the next-generation gaming system.

Sony has a longstanding reputation for letting the PS4 be tinkerer-friendly. The company doesn't mind if users modify the console with a new drive. It even went far as to use Phillips-head screws for the new drive dock, making it easier to take remove without a specialized screwdriver.

The other revelation was that the PS4 only supports HDMI, completely phasing out A/V RCA/RGB and SCART. Those outputs are mainly for cathode ray tubes, which are outdated. The finer details of in-game graphics don't show up on CRTs, so this should prove to be no big loss for most PS4 purchasers.

Earlier this month it was confirmed that the PS4's DualShock 4 Control will be compatible with Windows machines. This adds further credibility to the assertion that Sony plays friendly with its hardware. The PS4 is set to be released to the public this month.