Sony HDR-UX20 Camcorder

Christina Crouch - Jan 14, 2008

Sony is putting out a new DVD-based camcorder with 1080p HD recording called the HDR-UX20. It has a new encoding system that optimizes the balance between image definition and file size and uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codec to be compatible with a lot of third party editing software.

It has a Carl Zeiss Sonnar lens, support for 8cm dual layer DVD recording, a media card and 8GB of memory. That all sounds pretty good to me and it looks really sharp.

It’ll cost around $1000 which, I’ll admit, is more than I could manage but I’m still going to put it on my wish/wants list. If you’re able to dish out that much, you can pick one up in March.

Sony HDR-UX20 [via EverythingUSB]

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