Sony gives hope for native 1440p support on PlayStation 5

As we inch ever closer to tomorrow's PlayStation 5 launch, we're learning some new things about the console. Earlier this week, we learned that the PlayStation 5 won't support native 1440p resolution out of the box, which is a popular resolution for gaming monitors but less popular for TVs. Today, Sony has clarified that this is not necessarily a permanent arrangement, and could instead change depending on demand from fans.

That news comes from Japan's AV Watch, which sat down with Masayasu Ito and Hideaki Nishino from Sony Interactive Entertainment to ask some questions about the PlayStation 5. In that interview, Nishino indicates that Sony isn't shipping native 1440p support in the PlayStation 5 because Sony wanted to focus on TV support first.

He also indicated that there's no technical issue with actually implementing 1440p in the future, so if the fans want it, that's something Sony can give them. If you're looking to game with PlayStation 5 on a 1440p gaming monitor, then, it might be a good idea to let Sony know that you're interesting in native support for that resolution.

That lengthy interview also touched on the PlayStation 5's lack of a dedicated web browser, which is a new thing for Sony as the PS4 had a web browser app of its own. It sounds like there is a web browser component that can be used for things like account logins, but as far as a dedicated app is concerned, Nishino says he doubts that one is necessary for the PlayStation 5.

Indeed, in this age where it seems like everyone has a web browser at their fingerprints, having dedicated browser apps for game consoles doesn't seem as necessary as it once may have been. Be sure to check out AV Watch's full interview with Ito and Nishino, but otherwise, get ready for the PlayStation 5 to launch here in the US tomorrow, November 14th.