Sony gets into connected home market with Qrio

There's something really ironic about Sony, who have been hacked thoroughly, wanting to discuss or offer any form of security. For you, the consumer, the front door to your home serves as your main sense of security, and likely holds your stiffest door lock, and maybe even a few deadbolts. Sony, though, they want to help you protect your home, and are introducing something called the Qrio. You won't see Qrio on your store shelves any time soon, though. Sony is also crowdfunding their efforts.

To their credit, Sony doesn't seem to be using crowdfunding to outright fund the project. It's already "funded", with at least one option getting early adopters a prototype model straight away.

Sony seems to be using crowdfunding to engage early adopters and solicit feedback more than as a means to earn capital.

Qrio is a different take on home security, though. It doesn't require any tools to put on your door, and replaces nothing. It's really more an add-on that has an accompanying app, letting you open and close your door at will.

It's reminiscent of Lockitron, just in a sleeker package. Qrio's aluminum housing can also be mounted in various orientations, possibly making it a better option to boot.

You can also grant access to your home remotely, so long as the person you're letting in has the app, too.

Qrio may be worth a laugh considering Sony's own security issues, but it's a pretty neat concept. For the person who just wants a connected entryway without replacing their existing hardware, Qrio is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, it's being backed in Japan, so we're not sure if Sony is just dipping their toe into the connected home market for release elsewhere later, or if this will remain a Japan-only device.

Source: Makuake

Via: The Wall Street Journal