Sony files patent for hybrid DualShock/Move controller

Heads up, PlayStation fans. Sony filed an interesting patent last year and it has just been made public today. The patent is for a hybrid DualShock/Move gaming controller, meaning that you could use it as a normal controller just like any of Sony's other DualShock devices, or you could split it apart to make two Move controllers.

The controller is officially called the "Hybrid Separable Motion Controller", and while it's a bold idea, the execution is mostly what you'd expect. It's simply just two Move orbs attached on top of a DualShock controller. Then, the controller is detachable in the middle, with each half stuffed with an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, vibration capability, and even a speaker.

Obviously, the hybrid controller can be operated either separately or locked together into one unit, and it's designed in a way that games will be able to detect which configuration is in use. If you're worried about the thing flying out of your hands, some of the drawings even show a wrist strap attach to each of the two sides.

We're not sure if Sony intends to use this concept in the PlayStation 3 or maybe even future devices. It's also possible that this could just be an idea that they may never end up using, so keep your fingers crossed and we'll see what Sony comes up with in the future. It's possible that we could see something new from them at E3 2013, but we'll keep an open mind until then.

[via GameSpot]