Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY "The Donor" Commercial, WTF?

Sony Ericsson unleashed a bizarre commercial for the Xperia PLAY Android phone that will make most folks go WTF? Titled "The Donor," the commercial posted on YouTube this past Friday is described as telling "the shocking story of how the Android robot really got ready to PLAY." The commercial shows a confused victim telling the police about the story leading up to a horrific crime that later explains how the Android robot got his game-playing thumbs.

The victim in a dark police station describes his night out meeting a young woman to waking up the next morning with her missing, all his belongings still there, but realizing his thumbs were missing. The police laugh in disbelief at his story and the commercial cuts to the next shot where we see the Android robot on the street decked out with two new thumbs.

The imagery of stolen human thumbs stitched on to the Android robot may be rather disturbing, but it's an interesting way to announce the new gaming ability of upcoming NVIDIA-equipped Android devices such as the Xperia PLAY, which will have access to up to 50 original PlayStation games along with built-in game controls. NVIDIA confirmed that Sony's PlayStation Suite will be available to all Tegra Android devices later this year, which will mark the first time that PlayStation quality games are available beyond Sony devices.