Sony Ericsson MD300 WWAN USB modem

If there is a WWAN network near you, this thing can connect to it, I'm not kidding. It has support for HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, and GPRS, I mean, seriously, that's a lot of different types of networks.

It has some software that comes built that I assume installs similar to that of software on a flash drive, so pretty much, you plug it in and you are off and running. The best part, its one of the first USB WWAN modems I have seen that isn't god awful ugly.

Ahh, the best part of this job, informing you, the reader, that I have no clue when or for how much this thing will be on sale for. I don't really even know where, I do have some details for you though, it won't be available until next year, that's all I've got.

Sony launches the MD300 mobile broadband USB modem [via gadgettastic]