Sony employee mods DualShock controller for disabled gamer

There are some things in this world that we take for granted. Being able to sit down and play video games can be one of those things. For Peter Byrne, who has cerebral palsy, the PlayStation 4's touchpad was causing so many issues that it constantly interrupted his games. He reached out to Sony to let them know about his issues, and they didn't just send him a thoughtful response in the mail. They sent him a brand new controller.

The response he received wasn't specifically one from Sony, but rather from an individual employee. The employee, Alex Nawabi, reached out and said that he would be taking the matter on personally, and not as a representative of Sony. And a short time later, a package arrived with a new, modified DualShock controller.

The controller has two differences from an unmodified one. The first is that the touchpad has been disabled. Since the touchpad pauses many games, this was the major hurdle that caused Byrne so many issues while gaming. In order to allow him to still pause the game, Nwabi installed a small button on the backside of the controller, which mimics the most basic functions that the touchpad did. (Obviously, the touch-sensitive functions can't be mimicked, but things like pausing the game will work just fine.)

Nawabi spent around 10 hours modifying the controller, and built a total of two. That way if one should break, Byrne would have a backup to turn to.