Sony Dash gets Netflix streaming

You might recall that cool personal internet viewer that Sony unveiled at CES last month called the Dash. I'm not convinced that there is a huge market for a dedicated device for browsing the web when you consider most of us can already do that with smartphones or notebooks. Still, the Dash is an interesting product.Sony announced today that the Dash would be getting a new service that will make it more appealing to those looking to stay entertained while on the go or around the house. The Dash is getting access to the Netflix streaming catalog for movies and TV episodes. Netflix is trying to get its streaming service everywhere it seems with recent additions including the PS3 and the Wii.

In case you missed the Dash the first time around, the device has a 7-inch screen and is designed to sit upright on a tablet or nightstand for viewing. It connects via WiFi and has a USB port, headphone jack, and an accelerometer. The Dash is set to ship in April for $199. This might make a cool connected device for the kitchen.