Rumor: Sony Considering “Hack Proof” PS3

Samia Perkins - Feb 24, 2011
Rumor: Sony Considering “Hack Proof” PS3

Possibly in response to the leak of “Killzone 3” a few weeks ago, Sony may be considering a hack-proof PS3. According to an anonymous souce cited by Everything HQ, “Sony are already deep into plans of developing a hack-proof PS3 system.” The new PS3 would replace all current PS3 SKUs.

Sony had not had problems with hacking until last year, when hackers found out how to run unsigned code on the system. This has been used for pirated games, but also third party applications, or “Homebrew”. This all started to break loose early last year when Sony removed support for Linux, motivating the hacker community to crack into the PS3. And now, Killzone 3 has been leaked, and the 40GB package can be found all over the internet to be downloaded to any jailbroken PS3.

The release of the hack proof PS3 would be preceded by a price drop on current models in order to clear them out. Again, according to Everything HQ, “The hack-proof SKU will be a slim PlayStation 3 model and will contain a 300GB hard drive as an incentive to purchase the hack-proof system – the price of the SKU will be £186.99”. That’s about $300 US.

This could also depend on Sony’s lawsuit against George “Geohot” Hotz, who posted a how-to video for unlocking the PS3 using a key. So now anyone who is really interested can jailbreak the game system.

Of course, the very name “hack proof” will be a motivation for breaking into it, so who knows how long that will last. What do you think? Is this worth Sony releasing a whole new system? Will it sell?

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