Sony BWU-200S 4x Blu-Ray Burner

James Allan Brady - Oct 9, 2007

50GB of data written to a Blu-Ray disc in 45 minutes, I’m thinking once this thing hits 8 or 16x it will definitely be a very viable backup solution. I mean it already is with the exception of the fact that last I checked a BD-R was like $20-$25.

This drive also ups the regular DVD burning time for a Blu-Ray burner, now you can burn DVDs at the same 16x you are used to with a dedicated DVD Burner. The drive is rail mounted and uses up a SATA port for the fastest data transmission.

It comes with CyberLink BD for burning and playing Blu-Ray disks. Should be available in November for about $600.

Sony rolls out 4x internal Blu-Ray burner [via electronista]

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