Sony buys inFamous game developer Sucker Punch

The developer of video games called Sucker Punch has been around for a long time. Former Microsoft employees founded the studio back in 1997 and for as long as it has been an independent developer it has been developing games only for the Sony game consoles. Sucker Punch has been very successful too with its franchies including Sly Cooper and inFamous.

Sony has announced that it purchased Sucker Punch and that the developer will continue to develop games exclusively for the PS3 and future game consoles. Sony offered no details on how much the purchase cost, but it noted that Sony puts a high value on successful developers like Sucker Punch.

This purchase brings the total of purchased former independent game development houses to 16 for Sony. Thos wondering why Sony bought the developer since it was Sony exclusive already might understand when Sony's Scott Rohde said, "I'd be lying if I said other groups weren't interested in a group like Sucker Punch." Sony wanted to lock the studio up as an exclusive developer for the near future. For Sucker Punch, the sale for them is a way to get a larger dev budget and reduce their risk in the event of a game that doesn't sell well.

[via InGame.msnbc]