Sony business class VPL-FX41 projector - Networked Presentations made easy

Sony has quitted developing LCD panel for home theater projector years ago, they've shifted investment on SXRD technology and left the most affordable 3 chips panel process to Epson. But the game is still on for business class division. They have expanded its BrigtEra's Inorganic technology onto another high lumen data beamer with the availability of VPL-FX41, a 0.79-inch XGA 3 chips LCD panel that is capable of producing 5,200 lumen and 900:1 contrast.

Like Epson's C2Fine, the BrightEra technology is based on an inorganic alignment layer; resistant to high temperature, it is designed to produce a higher aperture ratio to deliver brighter images than conventional LCD panel without the need of excessive fans noise to reduce the operating temperature.

Like most LCD-based Projector, the VPL-FX41 features lens shift in both vertical and horizontal directions. Images projection can be controlled with motorized zoom and focus functions. Uniform image color and brightness are displayed across the entire screen with the help of a 12-bit 3D Gamma Correction Circuitry for accurate gamma correction.

Connectivity is available with standard inputs including two HD15, one HDMI, composite, s-video, and 5BNC connections. Like most business class projector, FX41 has LAN connectivity for networking installation, a single PC can be configured on a local area network to project image up to 5 units from any VPL series 40 projectors though a wired or WIFI connection.

Optional lenses are available with four models of short and long throw lenses to choose from. The VPL-FX41 is retailed at $6270 and scheduled to release in this month.