Sony Bravia E4000 LCD TV's blend in with the rest of your framed work

Sony's latest TV's not only look like giant picture frames, they can act like them too with 6 images pre-installed to display and the ability to throw up more. Now you can surround your TV with photos and artwork and not have people look at you like your crazy, of course the downside is that this isn't exactly the greenest idea Sony has ever had.

There will be 3 models, the 32 and 40 inch models will both be full HD, as in 1080p with the third being a 26-inch model that will obviously have a lower resolution. Presumably, if they are going to be used to display pictures and or artwork they are going to have to have a respectable contrast ratio.

I really am curious as to what the power usage is when they are in picture mode, if it's the same as when watching television or if it's just short of being off, the Sony site says its 35% lower, which is better, still not good though. No word on price or availability, but I must admit the set does look quite amazing.

[via geekologie]