Sony begs third-party developers to continue working on PS3 titles

There's no denying the fact that the PlayStation 3 has power. What it doesn't have are a ton of good titles and high sales figures. The latter is no doubt tied to the former, but unless the sales start to pick up, Sony may have trouble finding developers that want to produce good titles.

Apparently Sony has been practically begging third-party developers to continue working on new titles for their flagship console. The problem is that the PS3 isn't exactly the easiest console to work with, and with slow sales, developers aren't turning a high enough profit to justify creating new games.

Hopefully the holiday season will see a turn-around for the PS3. The recent price drop will no doubt help with the sales. If there is money to be made, developers won't be quite as hesitant to devote time and resources towards creating new titles.

Playstation 3 developers being begged to stay? [via crunchgear]