Sony announces PSP Gran Turismo entertainment pack

I am not too sure about the PSP Go that will shed the UMD game capability. My broadband connection is not that great and it takes too long to download full video games for that to be viable in my house. I have to wait a good 30 minutes to download demos on the PS3 typically.Sony isn't away from the UMD format just yet though and has unveiled a new entertainment pack for the PSP and Gran Turismo. I love Gran Turismo and it is the game that got me to buy my first PlayStation back in the day. The PSP version will offer over 800 vehicles and 35 different tracks.

The Gran Turismo PSP entertainment pack will include a mystic silver PSP-3000, the new Gran Turismo PSP game, a 2GB memory card, a voucher for a free Corvette ZR1 vehicle only available in the pack, a voucher for a free movie download, and ten free songs for the device. The entertainment pack will sell for $199.99 and will hit stores on October 20 along with the individual PSP Gran Turismo game.